Brevard Municipal Election

VOTE DANNY HEIN for Mayor AND BILL BAILEY for City Council

The Transylvania County Republican Party supports only two candidates in the 2021 Brevard Municipal Election. Danny Hein for mayor and Bill Bailey for city council. They are the only two conservatives in either race. We believe they will have a number of advantages over the other liberal Democrat and liberal Unaffiliated candidates:

1. They will be more inclined to be better stewards of your tax dollars.

2. As Republicans, they have a much better chance of actually doing something about the difficult problems Brevard faces in the area of affordable housing and healthcare availability(the hospital dilemma). Both of those issues will require collaboration and cooperation with a predominantly Republican county commission and state legislature. A Brevard mayor cannot solve those problems independently.

3. They believe in personal liberty and are not in favor of oppressive mandates.

This election will be all about turnout!  If conservatives turn out, they will win because the liberal vote will be split.

Please VOTE!  Early voting runs from Oct 14 - 30 at the Board of Elections and on election day Nov 2 at your home precinct.